Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse... Supplication / Dua?

There's a solar eclipse hitting our area pretty soon...

Here's some "offical" links on the subject, provided by Hadith Check Blogspot []. Also I put the basic nasiha from same site and below are the links for more information. May Allah reward those with the highest level of Jannah that pass on authentic Islamic knowledge.. Ameen

Regarding the solar eclipse, there is no specific du'a for it, so when there is a solar eclipse one should make du'a in general and ask Allah to have mercy on them and grant them jannah, and to seek forgiveness from Allah, and to seek refuge with Allah from the punishment of the grave, and the punishment of the Hell fire... so one should make du'a in general and doing dhikr and remembering Him, in addition to the kusuf (eclipse) prayer which is from the sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him, when an eclipse happens to pray 2 rak'ahs, in each rak'ah there are two recitations, two ruku', and two prostrations. So it is slightly different than the regular prayer in that it has 2 recitations and 2 ruku' in each rak'a. So first there is recitation of Quran, then going into ruku (bowing down) then going back into the upright position and reciting more Quran, then going into ruku' again, then after that there are the two prostrations just like in any regular prayer.

It has no adhan and no iqamah (like the Eid prayers), and the prayer is usually long, the recitation is long, the ruku' is long, the sujud is long.. and after the prayer the imam gives a sermon/khutbah. This prayer is usually performed in congregation with the rest of the community, so if the masjid in your area is holding this prayer during the time when there is an eclipse you can go perform it with them in congregation if you want (this prayer is voluntary, so although it is recommended but it is not an obligation on everyone).

One thing to note though is that some people hear about an eclipse that is going to happen in another part of the world, but even though it is not visible from the part of the world where they live, they still perform the kusuf prayer, and this is not correct because this prayer is for the one who sees the eclipse or who lives in the part of the world where it is happening. But as for the one who just hears that an eclipse is going to happen in another part of the world, then he should not perform that prayer if the eclipse is not going to occur in the region where he lives.


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