Wednesday, July 04, 2012

See the truth, Die in truth, so you can LIVE the truth

Who ever said that you're living?

We're actually dying
Everyday is not a day closer to life, it's a day closer to death
Our short existance on earth only builds up our life
We can work towards bliss or strife
Don't let anyone tell you, "you've only got one life to live"
Because if they do it's not this world that gives
To live is to sincerely believe
For our soul will continue but our home is unknown
Our flesh, our time, our understanding, what we know...will turn cold
So no this isn't living; this is surviving
Preparation for our dying
Each day we must commit to striving
For the loss is great if we give it all up, delliusioned that we need to 'live it up'

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