Thursday, July 12, 2012

"...Happily Ever After"

A marital relationship..
Should never be "that's just the way it is"
When rights are upon you, the status of the situation is elevated to become a form of worship
This idea that marriage is only meant to be comfort, is like expecting fruit to grow from a plant that's never been watered
Your result is either death or a situation of the cactus
You'll remain pulling pins outta your toosh... so understand that marriage requires a root before the fruit
To me, the love and mercy that some experience is not the based on mere marital existence
Rather that's the consequence, or perhaps you could say the motivational factor by fulfilling the rights and needs of one another
Through the course of forgiveness and giving without any conditions, there flourishes the ever sought after "happily ever after"
It's constant, and the reason shaytaan works so hard in breaking it, is that if you find yourself making it...
You've reached the ultimate success; you've attained the best this world has to offer
It doesn't take blood and sweat, it just takes sincerity and respect
Allah Helps those that help themselves, and trust me I do understand...
That marriage is a two way road, it's hard to work with another when they've got their back turned
Honestly can't say I've got a solution...
But I encourage you to try your best, without ever sacrificing your obligations
There's no obedience to Allah in disobedience, so refrain from trying to maintain by committing any sin
Blessed be the home filled with remembrance of Him
If there's mutual understanding, then keep pushing, for you're promised the reward of love and mercy
What else is there? ... Sadly, most aren't that thirsty
See when you steal your temporary comfort you'll only find joy in it for a minute
If you get busted you're always in a black 'n white jumpsuit
There's not quick fix when we talk about heaven on earth
There's effort, work, and trust.........there's understanding the rights upon you and fearing the Almighty
Thereafter........every good deed will be rewarded
So, mark your calendar and trust that Allah has it recorded :)

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