Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ramadaan... Ramadaan it's coming! [Insha'Allah]

Have you noticed how people's egos and emotional woes are humming? Have you seen the fitna spread by one wrong step?
The lack of forgiveness, this need to fight for ......
Hm.. I don't think anyone knows!
Ramadaan.. Ramadaan it's coming!
Shaytaan getting in his last few before he's on lock down
Got his army on overtime working to shake our ground
Keep us unstable during the month our sins are forgiven
Get us all worked up and fussing over nothing
Keep our minds distracted so we lose the moment of this great blessing
Ah.. have you heard??
Ramadaan...Ramadaan it's coming!
Fight off the evil my people
It ain't worth the argumentation
Back down, it's the devil blowing upon our ego
Just ignore it, rise above the emotions and be the hero
For shaytaan has no power over us
It is only that he called and we answered , so choose to not reply
Our objective is Jannah, let's keep our eye on the prize
Ramadaan... Ramadaan it's coming!
Bismillah, Ya Allah upon us bestow your Blessings and Mercy
Forgive us and mark us with a safe soul's journey
Protect us, and Guide us for we depend on you ONLY
Ramadaan...Ramadaan......A MONTH OF MERCY!!


Sketched Soul said...

Awesome Shi, tabarak'Allah.....
.... humm, now I know where your 'inspiration' comes from :P


Umm Abdullah said...

lol... you know too much :P

xoxo (yah I put the kisses in there too :P)