Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Year Gone

I feel at a loss
Another year going by, the Hajji's big day is about to pass
I have this yearning desire
To try to get up higher
but I'm plagued by the weakness within myself
By the laziness that dwells as each day passes and I haven't increased in the next life
How do I shake it off?
Distressed that I missed the opportunity 
There's a burden on my back that leaves me living restlessly
I fear my own hypocrisy
How do I make it, if I can't even motivate me ..
If I find days passing when I left off any memorizing or realizing
I can't justify it
It's simply a fault I need to fix
There's this sense of feeling weak
Like I'm slippin', creating a deceit 
How can I stand before Him
Knowing I'm lacking, and that I know I'm slacking
I need the strength ya Raab
Allow me, Will for me .. that the coming year I increase and I'm graced with the opportunity
To stand, to bow, to purify within the most scared of vacinity
Ya Allah! Forgive me for you love to Forgive
Strengthen me for I am weak with many sins
Guide me, for I'm lost without your aid and assistance
Show me to your Pleasure Ya Raabi
For I am at a loss in both worlds if I don't live to serve Thee... 

Quote: "Be aware of every hour and how it passes and only spend it in the best possible way. Do not neglect yourself, but keep accustomed to the noblest and best actions, and send to your grave that which will please you when you arrive to it. (Imam Ibn Al-Jawzee)

"As Almighty Allah has united us throughout the world in Arafat and Eid, let us spend our time in fasting, prayer, study, teaching, and whatever acts of righteousness we can perform. Let us strive to come out of these blessed days more united, softer in our hearts and ready to change our lives for Allah's cause. May Allah accept our ten days actions, our Arafat fasting and our Eid sacrifice. May Allah bless your families and protect us all from the wicked plans of the evil ones!"

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