Monday, October 15, 2012

What a sista wants...

All a woman wants is time, man!!
Why ya gotta keep her stressin' ?
Guys gotta get it outta  their head
A second wife makes her tick only because she doesn't even get a decent sit down
"How's it hanging?", "hey children lemme show you how..."
A woman needs time
That's her greatest desire
Any time a man keeps creeping out for whatever reason he has given her
She takes her lil mental note pick, and creates a check list
Every time your time doesn't match up to the job you said you set out to do..
You lose her respect and eventually she starts making you into two
Brothers, all a woman wants with her tears, her noise, her screaming,her nagging... 
Is your time..
She wants your love through the time you give her and the family DIRECTLY
Not the slick mentality, 'well baby, this is for you and the family..."
Nah, give her a straw house and your time
She'll serve you like a king and never complain about a missing dime
See I'm talking about a real woman
The one that holds it down while you clown around
The one that prays for you even when she knows you got her playin' the foo', hoping that your days go smooth
The one that has your meals ready, and your kids in bed
The one that loves you by hating how you don't do what you said
See, people that care hold you to your words
'Cause after all a man's greatest commodity is his words...
Otherwise the worth of a man is only his bank account
And we all can spot one'a those sisters, like an NBA scout..
Your time doesn't include your phone, you computer, your too tired to sit up and be one with her
One as in ... share the day to day things to do, cuz that's what marriage is about 
You know, making it easy for each other to do the things you both need to do
...But what happens is one keeps on trying to make it easy, while the other keeps on piling 
Why not just drop it down a notch?
Quit chasing the dollar that never amounts to anything
Because you're too busy wasting it while you're wife is bending
How back can she go before you break her in two?
Recognize the signs my brother
Cuz when you're old, and needy you'll begin to realize life's greatest assets you already had
But they learned from their father to be too busy, and the wife well she found a hobby...
You're on your own suck'a..........just the way you taught.......
Give it a second thought
Before you come to realize what you truly bought!

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