Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do like Hajar (raa) did...

Hajar (may peace and mercy be upon her), she knew it was coming
She just didn't know the direction so she kept on running
Relying faithfully on the All Knowing
Who would run thirsty and beat?
Except for someone who knew without a doubt that she'll be saved from the heat
Nevermind once or twice; that we may all do
But she went back and forth, making it a total of a seven lap course
Thus do we honor her
The woman that stood firm in her reliance in Allah
So it's upon me to reflect and do as Hajar did
Know with certainty my Lord would not leave me in the midst of wolves
Prowling within our most intimate of lives, trying to snatch our young
Trying to degrade the fortress of a woman
I must stand firm
Knowing that the social reform is not what I choose to conform
And thus......I'mah do like Hajar did
Hold it down, until an angel is sent to beat his wing
Send me a cover, while battling the storm
It's a never ending hurricane - even at my death it'll be twirling, hunting for another name
I know...
I see it... and thus I will remain
By the Will and Mercy of Him
I'mah keep my eyes open for the door I need
For the shelter where I can breathe in ease
Until then....I'mah keep on.......and do as Hajar did! Insha'Allah

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