Saturday, January 19, 2013

To the STRANGER...

We are never in a constant state
Always changing from love to hate
From strong to weak
From fallen to upbeat
We are never in a constant state
Changing as does the phase of the moon
Night and day - from darkness to noon
None the less if we don't recognize one slip
We'll be drowning in our self-made pit
Too many holes make it a ditch
If we keep an eye on our state we'll better handle the glitch
Supplication to the One who Changes our Hearts
Sincere in our efforts to maintain, without breaking us apart
The time is upon us, that we go to sleep a believer and awake without belief
What does that say of our state? We are in need of urgent relief ...
Purification and prayer, checking ourselves daily
For we are dealing with an open enemy
The plot of the devil doesn't get lighter
It's the heart of a stranger that makes the right fighter
None of us are safe from the fall 
It's all too easy, morals and values are made less to all
The choice to cheat, deceit, adultery or conceit
Have been replaced with a new name, they label it "game" 
Our state is constantly in change
Let's keep it in check - not much longer we'll be hearing our name
The call of the caller, let's rise and prioritize 
Just a 'lil more, pray we're granted entrance through Heaven's door
.....Thereafter we're free to roll
No worries, we've attained our goal! Insha'Allah!!!!

May Allah give us all the strength to rise above that which surrounds us and be blessed with the knowledge of right and wrong, may He the Most Merciful take us in the state of His Pleasure and grant us Jannatul Firdos.. Ameen. 

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Farzeen said...

Assalaamu'alaykum wa rahmatullah

MashaAllah, good to see you keeping strong with your writing :). Very well said, and a lot to think about..