Friday, June 07, 2013

Among the Believers

Our personal opinions aren't indicative of what's right or the truth
The plot of Satan is clearly stated in The Book
With sincere belief comes understanding
It's not an option to pick and choose - this ain't about what others are commanding
The opportunity rests in our choice to rise to the test
Too many of us are picking and choosing in a religion where truth protects us from losing
Whether we can comprehend or not, the obligation is to accept and not defend our own views or weaknesses : that's the devil's slot
We're all created with short-comings, the difference is admitting the error in ourselves and not pointing fingers 
The understanding is we'll never reach perfection, as it's beyond our capacity  
The road is paved with humility - striving towards the Pleasure of only He
That cannot be done when we deceive ourselves in rejecting truth that has clearly come
Nor denying evidence  - There's no room for discrepancy 
Regardless of where our faith lies today,it's the moment of now where we can increase towards better days, firmer ways (Insha'Allah)
I speak to me before I speak to you
I'm reminding me that I need to step up before I'm left empty
This is our life - we stand alone
If we choose to reject truth, we face the consequence when our soul finally goes home

Amazing lecture that sums it all up!!

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