Monday, June 03, 2013

We Are HOW We SEE!

When did we get to a point where we stopped envisioning happiness
It seems everything that comes our way is approached with, 'what would happen if..'
All too concerned about the " I" , instead of the 'We'
Not so concerned about how we can make it better
More worried about how it'll benefit ourselves otherwise it's like "see ya later"
Critics by default
Always fishing for the first fault
Not trying to see light at the end of the tunnel
Happiness sometimes isn't wrapped in the expected bundle 
Many times the best blessings are disguised 
Comes from taking a "risk" by giving up yourself despite feeling it's a slip
Sometimes, many times the greatest high within is achieved by giving 
It's not easy to grasp, unless you learn to let go of the fears you hold tight to 
It's a little like the concept of 'the truth will set you free'  
It's understanding what's meant to be shall be
Our reality is merely a matter of perception: it can be blurred by our negative reflection or it can be our light by positive contemplation
The easy fix comes from the mind
Altered thoughts -  so powerful it can give vision to the blind
No exaggeration  - loss is only how we choose assume things will affect our life
It's really not all that bad if we turn dark to light by choosing our sight ...

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