Friday, December 07, 2007

Lost In Darkness

sWritten in April 2002-- 5 yrs later, I feel exactly the same, and have no answers....

Mixed emotions inside, I can't make sense of each compartment it hides. My strength being torn apart in each article, each report, each utter by the breath that doesn't not wish to give support. My love, my happiness so overwhelming like a worldly bliss. But my world, has stress that I can't miss or leave to have vultures continue to kill each last kid. So what do I do? ... Turn ignorance to arrogance? Turn love of family to a distant past? ...Run across the world and die fighting to make a difference? I cannot void the inhumane images I see, I cannot forget the ones who love me unconditionally, I can't continue to listen to them say the truth is the 'corrupted word'. Why is it we forget how pain feels?..Why don't we realize that if we inflict the hurt they inflict it will never end?..Why don't we realize that we are all humans with a heart?.. Why can't we feel beyond our own? Why can't they give us back our homes? Why do we die in a state of hate? ... Children live in terror, they're only knowledge is of the bombs the enemies fire while they slumber. Their fondest memory is to find shelter within a crumbled building. Their only joy is when they take another soul. Never do their tears run dry, as each day it's either, their mother, father, uncle, or aunt. There's an internal wound in each heart, no place to inflict any more pain. Each dart has left a dried bloodstain. Its a life not an understanding of what's wrong or right....for they've been wronged and they're oppressors just want to fight. What can we do in this broken world, but cry endless tears to our Creator to bless them with an eternity of happiness for bearing a life filled with terrorists. lips will always voice their pain, and my heart will always envy their strength, my soul will always whimper for them till justice will hold.

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yasmeen said...

good job umm abdullah i really like all of you poems