Saturday, December 01, 2007

Perfecting Patience

Have you heard that all that's meant to be will be, whether you wish it or not?

Have you seen with your heart and not just those two holes above your nose?

Have you seen how wonders work around us, how perfectly planned things can be

Some argue love is destiny, others argue it's a sought out commodity

I say, it's a thing that once you strive to fulfill it, ultimately you will receive it

But timing is everything

Patience, is a choice of happiness or without it you're left with mere depression

Some say success is a matter of will power, others say it's just luck

I say it's a tied camel and a two hands facing upward

It's the ability to work knowing all your affairs are taken care of

Some argue freedom is a right, others say it's a luxury

I say it's a choice of knowing what you want, and fearing none but the Almighty

In the end our fate is the same, destiny is a matter of labour and trust in the One who says "BE" and it shall BE.

Glory be to He, the Lord of all the Heavens and the Earth and everything in between!

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