Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let Death Be...

Let it be that moment to exhale, to prevail, to know that life has begun and not just hit its end. When death hits let it be a your moment to shine, a day to unwind, a way make the soul smile. Let it be a death worth dying. Let it be a life worth living. When death hits, let it be the one moment in your life you won't regret, let it be the only thing you ever worked for. When death hits let it be ...success!

Don't shy away from what what you can't control, don't run from what even the dumbest foo' knows will always come. March on baby, head up high walking a path that you can only pray is the one to a life of eternity. Not just forever-ness but pure bliss. Now tell me is this what you want to miss?

Take my mansion, take my bed, take my clothes, my comfort, take my all, just leave me my soul strong. All I wanna know is my book comes in the right hand, and that I've made it to a forever land without stress, hardships... just pure bliss.

Let death be your friend not your foe. Let it greet you in peace and not with "woe" . Let it be your life's work, let it be your ambition.

Let death be all that it is ......... the reality of what this is!

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Reza said...

This is great info to know.