Sunday, March 23, 2008

~Slaughtering Peace...!!!

I try to reason with man's decision to cause pain and confusion. I've yet to understand why we thrive on hurting one another, as if we don't also have a mother,sister, father, or brother. Are we really fighting to keep each other together? Or are we misusing power we have over one another? Lest we forget what it feels to pain, to have nothing to gain, just another playing in this bloody game. Awake each morning trying not to go insane, dying in vain, as no honor comes from wanting to join this terror.Do we want to end it, I wonder. Perhaps we should take a little while longer to ponder. Bomb after bomb, tomb after tomb, accomplishes what?...everlasting doom! Are we fighting to keep mankind safe, or just starting a race to see which nation will be the quickest to erase? It's a battle for power,not for a torn down tower, or the thousands for whom we place a flower. Peace is not found in war, for war bears nothing but broken spears, tears, distressed ears, and dead peers. Not forgetting, more hunger, more terror, more anger, being left with nothing to do but suffer. Missing so much- our hearts aching.Looking for someone to clutch- our souls breaking. But we continue misunderstanding the purpose of life, holding on tight to the knife. Our blood spilling, yet together it will always run, for we are all humans, waging a war that can never be won.
Written 5-6 yrs ago

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