Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Slumber's Truth

The wrinkles across my forehead represent more then just an agitation, it's a result of a soul stirred. Discontented with it's position, and unable to feel secure of the station it wishes to be upon. It's an awakening, a sharp twisting, a realization of a rank lower then one had even imagined. Feeling the affect and I'm definitely not proud. My head lowers in shame, as I need a moment, a span of Grace from the Almighty. It's a terrible feeling, to turn to see so much loss in span of a moment. It's a scary reality to not be able to acknowledge a widened path, that more then always branches to an entirely different path. The concept of seeing with clarity, was what I thought to be my reality. Haunted by the thought of failure or lack of strength to achieve the nearness that I desire. I cannot feel whole, for I fault with many holes. I staggered and I dawdled now the consequence is clear. The creases above my brows, the intense frown is a sadness within the soul, for I now see I am just that person that I never wanted to be.

May Allah subhanahu wa tala have Mercy on us for our shortcomings and give us strength to be more then just a vision, but rather a reality. Living within humility and intense purpose...Ameen.

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