Sunday, March 09, 2008

Touch the Sky!!

It is the nature of humans to seek out the easiest possible way to accomplish a task. For some a half hearted job just won't cut it, for others they're happy to just say 'I did it' regardless of the quality of work. Some accomplish their goals, overcome obstacles, and touch success with honor and dignity. Others feel the need to use deception, constantly seek sympathy, and basically 'hustle' to get to where they feel they need to go. Both will reap the rewards according to their struggle and effort, nothing less and nothing more.

In all that life brings us, all we can do is control how we react. Circumstances, people, or anything else are only a matter of distances that we need to go. They are the the moutains we must climb, and no mountain is ever too high. Not unless you decide it is. "Those that say they can and those that say they can't, are probably right" ..... so very true. EVERYTHING in this world is 'mind over matter'. If we believe we can do it, then we can. If we believe we can't, then we won't. It's that simple, no matter where you want to go. Naturally your heart and drive must be in full force...

Surrounded by hill tops all around us, breaking free from one to find another greater heap has come. From valleys to mountains, from rivers to lakes, beauty in its own challenge but challenges none the less. A swim or a climb towards that which we desire. Attainable! Reach for the stars, for once man thought it was impossible now he can touch the moon. No goal, no desire is unattainable; that is the nature of man. If his will and drive is there, no matter what the task he will achieve it. Through thick and thin, without counting minutes or counting days. Patience comes with ease when the reward is in the battle not only the result. Desire, Drive, and Defy all that comes your way,and you will surprise yourself.

Verily, nothing is impossible for Allah swt, and with your right foot forward go touch the sky! :)

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