Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's to me I speak

It's really hard to reach your potential
Without the support of a righteous, loving individual
Normally that entails your spouse
For they are aware of your weaknesses and your bouts
They're able to refute your retort
Before you become blameworthy for magnifying your worth
It's that time where we're barely making it
If we look deep we'd probably recognize that most of the time we're faking it
It a struggle to stay sincere, for the path of light is being blurred by our own darkness
Our own weakness
Where we succumb to the mentalities around us
And though it doesn't feel like it should be our fault, it really is
We've got guidance, but we're too selfish to acknowledge the truth
I speak to myself before I speak to you
I know I NEED to do better but I've got every excuse
Complaining instead of maintaining, whining instead of timing
It's no one to blame but ourselves
It's no one to fix but ourselves
Its start is from within and stays that way
If our focus drifts our hearts will sway
The message spreads like wild fire when the inside is not a liar
It's the toughest battle to be beat
An upright condition of our hearts we need to seek

.......... It's to me I speak
     .......... It's to me I speak

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