Thursday, October 13, 2011

O ' Enemy of Mine

I write to you O'enemy
For I don't want you to have any part of me
So I begin, O'Shaytaan
What have you done now that you spend eternity trying to inflict harm?
Was it too much, you had to give in to your ego?
Was it worth it spending your life's work tryin' to be your own hero?
Really though, look at how you chose to go
Been gifted by He, Graced in a land of eternity
But it wasn't enough, you've given up your serenity
Aimin' in trying to breed animosity
Spreading evil through a society by making good seem an atrocity
And I ask myself, what's become of us?
Entwined within our hearts is jealousy and nafs
"Want for your brother what you want for yourself"
Successful is he saved from his own greed, his own needs
Shaytaan missed this one and its results are thus
Empty in the soul for it's sold to hold the world's gold
Knowing full well though, there isn't anything in comparison to what's been told
The Paradise an unimaginable site, yah I'd hate to miss out on that too
So I get why you do what you feel gotta do
If you gonna be a hate'a you're doing a fine job of it
Spinning whispers of anger, the attention hungry, stolen wealthy; desires plenty
Limitations are upon the believers for this life isn't what's to grieve over
What you're offering Shaytaan, ain't seem much when you actually review the cover
It's like a pretty picture, and nothing else when you turn it over
An image embedded in the mind, a lottery card telling you what you'll win
And if you give in?
You'll keep turning it over 'n over again
To find the same thing, looking, to find nothing, forgetting ...
Tricked into the devils lesson
Class 101, take away the ability to think
By this Shaytaan, you guarantee your win to sink
To the pit of the hell
For the lesson is in the devil's comes in truth ...
Words of the Almighty, plant our roots -"Woe to he to recites but does not contemplate"
Make it your goal, make it your fate.
O' enemy of mine, you can't touch me for Power belongs entirely to the Almighty
Your mirage is a broken glass
For it's truth remains and falsehood will never last!

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