Friday, October 14, 2011

What's happening to the world that we're livin'
Open prostitution and ain't nobody blinkin'
Worse than a whore
Now it's about keepin' score
I cannot imagine the Creator being Pleased with His Creation
Challenging His every command in the name of 'liberation'
All it is now is just "religion"
When you're "ready" then go be a pigeon
What happened to submission?
How did this all turn upside down, making obedience an option
What was sent as a purification, a guidance for creation
Is no longer viewed as its perfection
Good made to be evil, and evil made to be good
It's like the Dajjal is already upon us, deceiving us, making us a fool
And it's all good 'cause society makes us feel "cool"
It's a deceptive reality
What is, isn't actuality
We're just getting worse
Days are numbered, we're living the last years ...
... I ain't got the words
Let's just open the Quran and contemplate a verse

May Allah bestow is infinite Mercy upon us, may He Forgive us ALL, strengthen us , guide us, protect us, show us the straight way, the way on which He has bestowed His Grace not of whose portion is wrath...... AMEEN.. AMEEN.. AMEEN YA RABI!!

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