Saturday, January 28, 2012

. . . ?

Count your blessings before they're all gone, stressing ain't worth having when it's all in the name of "fun". Forced to look deeper for the reality of life has stung. Where does the path of success lead; we question yet we've have not even begun. Driving in random directions; to our lowly desires we have succumb. The beat of the the beast within; echoing on our tongues. The theft of a thief in bright daylight; our dignity is numb. Robbed and rapped by a chosen fate, stripped by our inability or desire to equip. Or maybe the times are such where we're just all "whipped". Controlled masses, dancing like dervish training classes. In a state of hypnosis, no one seeing how we're on the cold shift, the last bit, frozen by past occurrences we're an ice stick. Every sin that existed we're holdin', yet we think we're rolling. Yelling "I've got the right *beep* ". Never mind vulgar it's a heart in contempt, arrogance its friend. Deception lies in the lives we call free, yet chained by our own lack of integrity or sincerity. Honor and dignity, basic morals and principals a concept only known as piety, a choice made only when in dire need.Maybe, if we can rise above our greed? How did we come to bleed such an evil existence? How do we sleep when we're harvesting our own resistance? Pray hard for we're losing the purpose of our existence......

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