Monday, January 30, 2012

Like it or Not!

My sisters I write this because I keep hearing the same riff
I'm going to say it as it is, so please take a breath in the name of understanding and not emotional standings
Many sisters start to trip when their man says .. "hey I'm looking ..."
"Looking?" she says, as though she doesn't quite know
"Yes, looking for number two!" he replies as though it's was in scripted in their lives
She's taken a back and it starts ...
Wife number one thinks she's not good enough
Wife number two thinks she's his dream come true
Perhaps you didn't know this so let me clarify ...
If he could'a married all four at once he would have
If he could go past four you better believe he'd try
It's not because he's a "dog" like society likes to say
It's the nature of man, God just made him this way
Just as a woman, we can't help to feel a pinch of jealousy
We're a lioness defending our territory
But the truth remains we're created to comfort and console
Not to dictate and control
The Laws have been laid
He gets up to four, and each should be paid
Paid in equality; shelter, clothes, food; the bare necessities
For a man if he really saw to the needs of his woman/women, there would be little room for insecurity
Somewhere it all got messed up...
He decided she'll work nine to five, pants and scarf that will have to be modest enough and that it's fair her rights she gives up
But for him, it's a matter of sin and so he asks that she toughens up
Justice is prescribed upon us all
Look within yourself before you all decide it's worth another family brawl
Success at its best is being selfless in nature
If everyone just decided they'd be concerned sincerely for each others akhira
If they both made it about their duty before their Lord
It would all be in sync
No one would feel disloyalty, no one would be hurt for they understand their unity....
All bases would be covered
Just the three of them or maybe five ... they'll work it all out with their Iman burning high!
Why choose to give it all up?
There's Shirk in loving beyond what Allah has chosen for us
Polgyny is our belief and we are obliged to submit
Not through an ultimatum for our hearts are known to Him
No man is worth giving up your place in the akhira, for the home of the rebellious is the heat of His Promise
Submit, so He will admit
And forget not your worth, for no woman will be the same as you no matter how you cut it up, he'll love and respect your loyal support more than any extra comfort!
Don't consider it competition, this is our way, our complete submission

Polygny is a concept that has existed and still exists in other cultures and religions before the advent of Islam. The only difference is Islam sets limits and rights for the women invovled.

Don't be a hater just 'cause your ego feels threatened........ just keeping it real!


Anonymous said...

A way with words that immenate
from the heart
The heart is part, the mind is the other
The conversationalist and the lover
Strong in conviction, sort of a marketing persuasion
To the reluctant
Nice one...


Shireen said...

:) ... lol