Friday, January 06, 2012

Age of Entitlement...

I really dislike the phrases "I'mah get mine" or "get yours"
What made you entitled to anything?
Haven't you realized nothing belongs to you ?
It all belongs to the Almighty
So while you're "getting yours" you're neglecting your core; your duty out the door
You ain't entitled to heaven
Just 'cause you say you believe, doesn't mean you earned your seat
The seeker will be granted what it's after
You'll regret how "yours" got you locked out of a blissful hereafter
It's not about getting what you THINK you deserve
It's about striving, about keeping your duty, understanding your responsibility
Begging and pleading for His Mercy, while purifying yourself for your soul's eternity
The reality is we've been brained washed
And what is, isn't actually reality
So we continue thinking that we're making it while maintaining our piety
Got rap songs singing our emotions
When it's feeding us poisons
Man's destruction comes from his own greed
Not satisfied even if he's roofed, clothed and harvesting obesity's seed
Gifted with education and riches of a '1st World Nation'
Yet he's still pushing to "get his"
............the age of entitlement
cash flow moves all around me ..........
Greeeeed, got the betta of me
I'mah chase it even if I lose my own dignity
I gotta get my mines foo', cause that what I was taught
"Dolla dolla billz y''s hell I bought, for the life of this world I I rot....

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