Wednesday, January 04, 2012

You can't find love nor buy love
It isn't in an instant spark - it is only gifted from above
The reality is true love is not an emotion, it's a state of mind
You can only develop it when you understand it
Understanding can only be established with time
For memories of moments aren't enough to form an inscription
It takes trial and sincere sacrificing to earn such a lofty position
If love were to be reached merely by a greeting
We'd find little animosity or hurting
That's only a characteristic of heaven; a blissful eternal abode
Of which "peace be upon you" is exclaimed with affection, with a sincere hold
Love seems to be that ever sought after commodity
Everyone in search of "love" through some type of "click" reaction
How'd that ever work out? It takes a soul content in a state of satisfaction
Boils down to true appreciation
Controlled by ethics and values of our creation
Find one that speaks to your soul by their role
Deal with their shortcomings by reminding yourself of the goodness they hold
For no being is perfect
Their perfection lies in the realization that that's how they're created
Point being is, flaws we all have ... that's inevitable
As long as your soul isn't constantly fighting to stay whole
You've got yourself a time precious pearl forming into gold...


Anonymous said...

If I only knew, what I know now, is an expression
Your past is a blessing, regrets and
Now today we know, what yesterday taught us
Love, is forgiving those who fought us
What is sought through e-communication
Perhaps the contentment of what our thoughts, hearts and minds are racing
Racing thoughts, moving from here and there
Hearts filled with a weight, so hard to move
What is the reaction made of when it is inacted? The mind? The heart which is distracted?
More and more, day and day
We grow closer to HIM (SWT) or we stay,
Shame be on the lame, who backslides
It is it what we must hide
For with imperfect beings does the actions
For love that is lost is due to this distraction
Both parties are to blame, when the union is broken
But who am I.

Shireen said...

One should never play the blame game

It's upon us to strive towards our greatest potential

Sometimes it takes lessons to increase our credentials

Unless you live it don't ever expect to truly understand it

Love needs to develop before a loss is felt

Don't mistaken forgiveness for acceptance

It's upon us all to engage in repentance

If we knew then what we knew now we may have never stepped into such a situation

But then if that was the best thing for us, God wouldn't have Decreed the relation

Man wrongs himself though there's wisdom even in the worst

To Him we belong, to Him do we put our trust

It takes sincere synchronized intentions for Love and Mercy to descend

No regrets here.. just life's test my friend.........

Alhamdulilah Kathirun!

Anonymous said...

Smile I did when I read the rebuttal
At first glance it felt like a puddle
Splashing as cars came passing
A mere observer, not a judge or blamer...

Shireen said...

lol ... mm hmm :)

Shireen said...

Clause: As long as your soul isn't constantly fighting to stay whole