Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Socially Legit

Before all couples were dealing with was personality
Now the issues are loaded with 'self' and corroded with social implication
The perfect concoction for the emotional whirlpool
Reality behind ideologies not reaching status quo
So its the broken heart fed by the television show

Whether she can't seem to stay flawless during the night
Or he can't seem to be ballin' like a Prince or a Knight
.... Perhaps it's not to such an extreme?
Just, 'make sure I stay your ONLY Queen'
And make sure we're cruising the Nile hand in hand
While he holla's "mah lady betta keep up"
'If I don't have your attention, I might have to sneak off'

Social sustainability?
Now it's an unhappy he and she
Complicated arrangement if I do say so...
Knock it all down and own your own
Not the borrowed perception of love, happiness and affection
Just keep it right with each other, having an honorable intention

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