Saturday, November 24, 2012

Humbled Servant

One of the Salaf said: ‘Indeed the servant commits a mistake by which he enters Paradise. And he performs a good deed by which he enters the Fire.’

It was asked, ‘How so?’

He said, ‘He commits a mistake and so it remains before his eyes. When he recalls it he regrets it, resigns [himself to] and earnestly implores Allaah, and hastens to erase it, and he becomes broken and humble before his Lord, and his self-amazement and arrogance disappears. And he will perform a good deed and it will remain before his eyes, he sees it and uses it as a favour, and becomes self-conceited because of it, becomes arrogant because of it, until he enters the Fire.’”

(Ibn al-Qayyim (r.a.) - Al-Waabilus-Sayyib minal-Kalimit-Tayyib)

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