Friday, November 30, 2012

A Mile

Until you walk in the same shoes you'll never know how it feels
You can't even relate, so let's just keep it real 
My 'own' is within my capacity; this is no complaint
I remain 'human', so my emotions aren't always straight
Judge me as you like
It's no concern of mine
But know that you really don't know until you've walked the mile
I appreciate the the sympathy
But I'm not after empathy 
This is my decree and I'll face it like woman
Just don't expect that I'm free from faults and I can bear it almost non-human
I'm reaching my capacity 
Knuckleheads need not apply - I'm through with all the stupidity 
I don't claim perfection but I do try my hardest
It's a messed up equation -  this is my test
I don't trust my vision is straight
Each knock makes me doubt myself and accept my mistakes
I know only He Knows what's good and that's part of the reason I don't digress in this stress 
Although I do admit, it's a mental battle wondering if my next move is best
I suppose in the end none of us really know what's up

It's just a matter of trying and the rest will just flow as it's been written: only He to Knows...

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