Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is for our brother Omar Khader...

It's been a heavy road to travel
Caged like an animal for defending your right to your own survival
Persecuted for throwing back the very weapon aimed to destroy 
A man of 15 years old, you held down beyond the capacity of a young boy

They've kept you for a decade and just can't seem to let go
Guess they were hoping to break your spirit but you're still standing - that's the call of a hero
What's the fear of a man that simply defends himself?
Except that they can't comprehend the mind that fears nothing in this life
I can't claim to even know how it feels, but I admire the strength for I see innocence that we were not made to see
A message to the masses that choose to hate...
You're looking in the wrong direction, your enemy isn't the young man that's locked down in wait
No, the enemy isn't the child covered in debris throwing back the weapon of a terrorist trying to destroy his family
The enemy is the hand that feeds you,takes your sons, husbands, fathers and brothers and tells them to defend their territory
Defend the land, give this life up and kill those that have barely enough food to live
It's obvious most don't take a second to think.. 
Sit down and put yourself in the same place as him
This is for the man who's physical being was lowered and disgraced
But his mental state has been enhanced and firmly placed
May he be honored before the Most High, and elevated in rank
Allah alone do we need, He alone do we ask,  to Him alone we bow and to Him we thank

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