Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let it be a Nightmare!

I used to wonder about hell and it's occupants. I used to think of how anyone can truly be deserving of such a horrid event. And though I believe without a doubt the Almighty knows best, I would quiver at the words etched in my chest. As I grow more aware of what surrounds me, as I can see past my life and my family, my home, my serenity. I quiver just as much. I cannot comprehend the concept of torture, I cannot forgive those that succumb to such levels of disgrace. I am lost for words as the vision of a child no older than that of my own is torn apart, broken and stomped on for fun. He's only crime is that he stayed out past the given time to play in the sand. I'm not being metaphoric, a four year old child truly did experience it. Tragic. I can only wish hell's heaviest punishment upon such filth. My heart stops for the slightest of a second when a man minding his business,with no anger on his face, no stone, no reason is shot and left to bleed to death. Target practice on the human flesh!? I cannot comprehend this. And though my thoughts are to save the world, it is beyond me how I can do such a task. Only the Almighty can rid such calamity, only He can bless those innocent, beautiful victims with eternal bliss. It is only He that can destroy and take such hollow animals to account. And so I supplicate with my heart and soul....O' Lord of mine you know best, without a doubt, without a moment of hesitation. O' Lord of mine show us the way to help ease such stress and punish those that have earned a painful death. I cried for the rebels making child soldiers to be wiped from the map.But it's not an isolated incident, it's a dying morality, it's the closure of humanity.... It is the harshest reality our hearts may have to bear and worse is that their bodies must endure. May we leave this world with our Creator pleased with us, may we leave this world happy to be received at home. May we leave this earth peacefully, and may those who have to bear such horror have every pain and every fear taken away from them.

I don't know about you, but my heart grieves desperately and I'm lost in not knowing what I must do!

Be strong my brothers, sisters....mothers, fathers, children - be strong! You'll be home soon Insha'Allah...Insha'Allah...Insha'Allah :( :(

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