Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm a statistic, in case you missed it this world is going ballistic. Can't seem to see past it, what's that you ask? I'd like to say but it might be offensive. Might be rude to say that the minds of those are not worried about faith, life or anything that doesn't have a body for goodness sake. It's raw emotion destroying our nations, breaking our families, decaying our society, hurting our children, living corruption without our eternal being. Damn, why aren't we seeing? It's a rotten infection inside the mind of mankind. A weakness they cannot seem to pass, can't seem to weigh between the palm of their hand. Not using brains to decide. So you ask, what's the problem? Am I just going mad? Perhaps, but can't you see it's a lil sad this sick state, it's not fate. Is this justice to the lil ones? No, it's selfish of those ignorant stupid ones. Here's what I say-there's alotta people WILLING to play the game, so if that's what you wish then go on, GO FISH. But don't include the innocent, don't destroy the lives of those who marry for the God's sake, or who live within good and make evil shake. If that's your choice, let it be yours, don't include another because you're trying to fix your damn flaws. Fix it before you mix with those that are pure and clean. Be it man or woman, God ain't lookin'....just pick your path and leave those that don't belong out of it so they can last. It's a sad statistic, man this world's gone ballistic. Marry me, okay divorce me, 'cause this wasn't in lil House on the Prairie...well guess what, that's life! It's not a fairy tale love story, it's a relation between two beings working in one direction. Figure out your path before you screw up the lives of those that are walking the walk, without weighing 'em down by the fools that can only talk the talk. Too many lives being destroyed by one human emotion....... I'm statistic determined to find a way to fix it!

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