Friday, October 05, 2007

A Mercy!

Have you ever felt the warmth of a child's hands on your cheeks? Their grasp on your pinkie finger? Their embrace around your legs as they look for their protection? Have you ever looked in their eyes and they look in yours knowing there's a connection that is entirely from the Almighty? Have you stopped to hear their laughter? Have you ever noticed their smiles travel beyond your face but within your heart? Have you ever witnessed their innocence when trying to accomplish a task? Have you ever observed their honesty when making sense of the actions around them? Have you ever taken a second to see a child for what they are........for who they are. God's Mercy to mankind! A child may find a way to drive us crazy at times, but the moment they leave our side a void fills our hearts, our souls. Their laughter, even their tears, their affection, their warmth, their dependence is more for us than them. God's gift to humanity is every tiny soul finding their way in this big ugly world. May the Almighty protect them all......every single angel child sent to us as a mercy..Ameen.

Protect them, scold them because you love them, teach them......embrace them - the most priceless luxury in the entire world!

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