Saturday, October 27, 2007

Missing a Soul

They call it a war on terror but I'm sure you now know...
It's a war no doubt, no morality - just the stench of man as he falls to the bottom of earth's greatest pit
It's a pit of hell, where those that feel torture and murder are a hit
Repugnant actions ridiculed, joked at and poked at, making it seem as though we're all down with that
Made to stand 24 hours in a day, handcuffed to a rail
Stripped bear made to walk, ankles handcuffed as they laugh and stare
Made to fear as dogs tear their flesh apart
Rejoicing their pain, rejoicing their death
And I ask again and can we not feel for others when we know the feeling of pain?
And again I am lost with no reply
Tears can't save a life, no - it can't ease a burden , it can't change a past
The war is no doubt that of terror, no doubt one designed to inflict as much hate and hurt possible to human kind
It's a pit of hell that they've fallen in
Enjoying the feeling of power over another human being
"Do unto others as you want done to you"
Words of wisdom but a deaf and blind nation cannot adhere
Disgust hardly speaks of my hearts emotions
Anger and hurt make up only a portion
Would it be okay if it happened in America?
The land of the free, home of the dead and empty
Would it be a mere torture scandal or would it turn into 'a war on devils'?
It takes evil to allow ones soul to take part in this injustice, in this filth
It takes the bones and flesh of hell's abode to enjoy such nauseation
It takes a mindless, eroded soul to have a hand
May you die with more fear in you than that you've tried to put in man
May bliss be taken away from you in this life and the next
How can I want any better for a man or woman that enjoys torture?

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