Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rebeating of the Heart

I was born a butterfly free of any worry or care. But as my beauty graced society I was snatched away. Within the walls of a glass only enough to allow for air. And as I sit within my new home away from the earthly freedom, the cool breeze, the life I used to know...I begin to wonder. How can there be a way out? Am I captured till death or is my life my own....? I am a butterfly you see, I was born to be free flying atop the fragrant flowers. Whisking myself into all that I wish to devour. But now I am limited to choice of food, air, and space. I am stuck within four glass walls, suffocating while being poked and prodded. I am a beautiful butterfly that I know, but now I am dying within what they call "home". I have devised a plan to become my own, before death takes me and I have nothing to show. I will still my heart long enough to be declared dead. They will rid me as I would be of no use to society. Thereafter when my freedom is secure, playing dead in a sewer, my every vein that I posses will flood with blood pumping into my chest - I will be my best. I will soar freely in the outdoors where I once knew happiness. Where I lived without worry or care for I knew my objective, I knew life's plans are fair.I will live with meaning that I've always known, with the guidance encased within my soul. I was born a butterfly free of worry and care. Now I know that the trick to life with meaning and flair. It is one with which a heart has died and come alive again. Die inside, and you'll be born again living a life you've yearned to spend in a way you know is right for you, without a worry of what society will think to do.

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Shireen said...

When I say "I" in this poem, it does not refer to me....

yes that makes sense :P doesn't it?