Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Great Deception

Instead of saying "I'm lazy" we say "I'm busy"
Instead of saying "I'm broke" we say "I'm simple"
Instead of saying "I'm sorry" we say "It wasn't me!"
Instead of saying "I'm fat" we say "I'm curvy or thick"
Instead of saying "I'm weak" we say "Life is short, live it up"
Instead of saying "I'm selfish" we say "It's my life"
Instead of counting our blessing we say "Why is God trying to punish me?"
Instead of aiming towards bettering ourselves we say "I am who I am"
Instead of speaking the truth we say "I'm using discretion for the GREATER good"
Instead of rising to the test we say "Life is hard, I'm depressed"
Instead of controlling our tongue we say "I'm independent, I have my own opinions"
Instead of not being wasteful with our money we say "It's mine, I can do what I want"
Instead of upholding our responsibilities we say "hey it's more than I had"
Instead of looking at our own faults we say "did you see what such and such did?"
Instead of admitting our wrongs we say "you don't understand"
Instead of being happy we say "if only I had ..."
Instead of building lives we're breaking down ourselves
The deception lies within us first regardless of how religious we look, how often we pray, or how much people like us
If we don't learn to confess to the reality of our state
We'll be left dumbfounded by the promise of our eternal resting place
It starts now
It starts with our self
It stays there and the rest will come; clear and sincere (Insha'Allah)

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