Monday, November 07, 2011

Pray Hard!! *

Don't sell your soul to the devil - you need not
God will Provide, but you forgot
No need to doubt that!
Worshipping the ideas of social standing, how is that?
Don't lower your standard to thinking success if found in that
You got gold don't turn it in for what fools hold
Turn your mind back to Him and do as you're told
Don't be a coward to your soul
Times are getting harder, we're slippin' unless we keep it tight like coal
Burn our flesh but we remain whole
Worship He Alone and forgo the chase ; it's a hard roll
I feel the tension when I see what society has chose
I try to keep it real but it's hard knowing where this trial goes
Pray for my progeny and my own soul to know
Dear God, All Power and Might belong to you Alone
Make us firm, for I know we ain't got the strength to get through this even full grown
It's a struggle to see truth from lie
To stand up against what most question, "why?"
Livin' in times foretold; I'm feeling it
My heart is shook, I'm seeing it
I'm afraid I may overlook
O' Master, The One, make us firm, teach us, strengthen us by Your Book
Don't let us sell our soul to devil
Who has us worshipping ideas or making moves that are only socially driven
Keep it real, pray hard, these times are a given ...

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