Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm a lil militant in my thinking
That doesn't mean I'm down with killing
Though I don't support the bully's beating
And suggest you abort the mentality by rising above his insecurity ..

I'm actually talking about the concept of our Owner
If we understand our position in relation to the Creator
We'll learn to understand, "I hear and obey"
Not neglecting the lil things
For the Pleasure of Creator is only to be attained by submitting to His Commands
And by that it means if your tie is silk you need to use it for your curtain instead of your noose
If your abaya is tight you need to get a new size that's loose
If your money is right you gotta let it go and purify
If your can't afford to be ballin' you better take a step back and give the bank a slap
If you wanna be living right the only solution is to fight the fight
Weapons are knowledge used to increase in good deeds, with righteousness in sight
Losers are us that choose to submit to the pressure of society
Who are we trying please? Let's correct the mentality
Freedom is in submission
And submission is understanding the relation between creation to His Master
Owner of all, we beg of your Mercy, in prostration we fall....
Ya Allah Forgive us all.. Ameen!
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