Saturday, November 05, 2011

My Sweettooth

You get the box mix
And you get the 'made from scratch' fix
One's about quantity
The other is about quality
I'm looking for the 'original recipe' type
Not the made from a box hype
At first glance and at first taste they both seem fine
But after some time ...
You get a taste of fake in the 'ready made' make
It's not about the icing or the sprinkles
'Cause when it rains that's the first that disappears
It's gotta be made with the right substance for it to remain as it appears
The one worth your while will be known at first bite
But it'll only allow a select few; the committed within its right
It's about integrity and standard
It's about it's natural purpose vs fast and worthless
One is after truth and the other is after attention
I'm after the one with sincere dedication
The most expensive and the best of it's kind
Is a tasty and finely crafted find
That's the type I'm looking for ; the rare score
That I'm willing greet it's worth with my core
Beautiful to me
For the truth within it, is all I'll see!

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