Saturday, January 05, 2013

Oh Brother!

Though this may sound harsh: it seems so necessary
Each gender has it's issues, but I'm digging in the root
Brothers your condition in today's world is nothing but weak
You are the Shepard being herded by it's sheep
How many have succumb to the ways of the bent rib
Emotions are explosions of desires with no heed
You are the leaders of your flock
But you forgot,  now you're just concerned for what you bought 
Your worth downgraded to the billz in your pockets
It's not about how you rock it
Your accountability remains the same, even if you can't seem to see it
You stand before your Creator having to answer the same questions; generations before feared it
Talk is cheap as I keep saying
Look at the condition of your people; your soul is paying
It's so backwards I can't even find the words
Whipped ain't even the half of it
'Cause that entails being molded in a way you don't desire
That's the past, men are now happier being the 'dog' and that's his power
How'd it happen like this?
Goals are stolen for desires and homes are broken by liars
Even the "pious" have lowered their standard of righteous
Now it's enough to pray five times a day
What happened to the maturity and understanding of dealing with our condition on Judgement Day... ?
It's a weak state of affairs
There's no obedience in disobedience, so don't be deluded by your 'patient, compassionate' ways
Be a man, grow up and stand 
Guide your flock to the blissful, eternal land
Not lowering the standard to the weakness of man!

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