Wednesday, January 09, 2013


How'd Halloween land on everyday of the week?
It's like the only costume on sale is the prostitute type
When did society make this alright..?
Am I missing something?
Can no else see the half naked walking around?...
Leaves no room for anyone's imagination
It requires absolutely no thought, but isn't it all for attention?
Both genders don't seem to know their size
What happened to the people in stores that help you get the right fit?
Not the tight fit, or the high slit, or low hip with a short "shirt" to show it...
How'd that happen, where was I when this all became "normal"?.. 
This was the punishment for Adam and Eve
They got stripped before they were sent down for eating from the forbidden tree
So, it's a self inflicted punishment?
Is our self esteem, and self worth so down
That we punish ourselves before our chances are up and we're in the ground
How does this all makes sense?
It defies logic and everyone seems to think I'm being dense....
.. Help me out, 'cause no matter which way I cut up
It's just messed up!! 

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