Monday, January 07, 2013


We can't roll if you can't catch my flow
Even if you box me, a cube is 3-dimensional
I've got sides that don't fit the script
Don't get it twisted I don't suggest I submit and then just flip
No, that ain't my standing - my boundaries are marked (Insha'Allah)
With faith and sincere conviction of the truth, firm in my heart (Insha'Allah)
I'm referring to my personality
I can analyze, split and spit you into bit size pieces
Or can appear to be iron fitted
Maybe so serious that you think I define stress
Or maybe just a jelly bean, colours of flava in an everyday solja
Each has it's place, marking the dice
But I've been dented having be rolled wrongly twice
Not sure how much is left before I knock out my nice
If you can't catch my flow you ain't my type
Don't judge me unless you come to know
I'm best appreciated in a package form
Even though cubes tend to get stepped on
My nature won't change - so bring it on!
Let's play the game..
It only makes me sharper so I can learn faster when to ditch the lame!

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