Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Oh Sister!

How did you get to the point where you convinced yourself sin is better?
You've made the option of halal difficult, so haram is easier
Are you so oblivious to human nature?
Can you not see what surrounds society?
You made slander appear as though it's part of piety
In the hopes to support and defend one by gossiping, spying and character defiling another
Would this be the qualities exemplified by a true believer?
Oh sister, stop for a moment and hear Shaytaan's whisper
He's travelling through your veins, recruited you; his unsuspecting solider
You're only marching to his beat
Question the wisdom in how you choose to plant your feet
Your ways of freedom and liberation have only created a warm bed for arrogance
Find it hard to hear? Then know your desires have put up a resistance
I speak to you - woman to woman
It's not meant to be an easy reality , but that's part of our existence; it's designed to increase us in piety
How you ask?.. Simply, submit to that which you cannot quite grasp and understand it's not your position to task
Who's to determine whose wants and desires are more important?
Is it the he that wishes to partake in extra responsibility by including another she?
Or is it we, who can't accept the thought of not being one and only, afraid of cold and lonely?
If you're a believer, then the first question is, what is the command of our Creator?
Surely He, the All Knowing is aware of our state of affairs
Ask yourself, does true submission mean we dismiss the permissible, because of our own insecurities?
Question your actions, what is your objective?
I keep asking because if you keep masking your moves 
You'll only wake again to regret that your "hurt" caused you to lose
We walk our path individually 
Love isn't an indication of our sincerity 
It's a tool utilized to exercise compassion and humility
On a final note, if you're trying to earn respect or be honored in your home
Start with rising above your emotional turmoil, consistent in appreciating and supporting what's already yours on loan

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